Sales Process – steps to a successful deal

It all starts with your call or message. Contact us and describe your circumstances. We will come to meet you and assess your real property. This will allow us to determine the true market value of your property unit and explain the reasons for our conclusion. We will also furnish you with an individual offer on realtor services. The assessment is absolutely free, confidential and not binding in any respect.

Having been into this business for several decades, we have learned that a good deal is exposed to many factors that are to be taken into account. We will gladly inform you what action we will take to sale your house or apartment at a profit.

Sunrise Dreams Ltd is a private agency, which means it ensures a flexible and individual approach to each client.

We work with all real estate items, from residential houses and apartments to offices and storage rooms. Moreover, we enjoy a wide partner network and market insight.

You will pay for our services only when your real property finds its buyer. If you need a reliable realtor, contact us!